We offer a number of confining solutions to stop the release of the gas: confinment at working pressure (=clogging) or confinment at atmospheric pressure (=continuous gas recovery).

Indeed, we have developed a range of solutions to treat gas leaks. For the moment, our activity in this field is limited to SF6 leaks for the high-voltage field.

These solutions have been developed relying on four key areas of expertise:

  1. Our knowledge of high voltage equipment which uses SF6 (Gas/air insulated substation)
  2. Our patented equipment, which permits us to offer an increasing range of innovative solutions for addressing gas leaks.
  3. Our method of operating is based on substantial data acquisition on site, notably 3D measurements of leaking equipment.
  4. A rigorous installation process enabling us to deliver the highest level of reliability and sustainability expected by our clients.

Thanks to this, we produce sealing systems which are perfectly adapted to your needs, reliable, long lasting and provide an almost immediate return on your investment.

Our solutions


We have developed and patented confining systems to permanently treat SF6 leaks.

To do this, we implement a containment around the leaking equipment. The pressure balance between the confining product and the equipment then stops the leak.


Note that: atmospheric pressure containment = continuous recovery of the leak.

We have developed and patented confining systems to capture gas emissions sustainably. The gas, thus captured, is drained to a storage system equipped with a draining system (automated or not) allowing it to be continuously recovered.

The goal is to stop any release in the atmosphere until the suitable repairs are carried out.